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Saltcorner is a website that is dedicated to the hobby of marine aquarium keeping and is the creation of aquarium author Bob Goemans, who has written a column of the same name for many years.

Whether you're looking for information about animals and plants/algae; for informative articles by noted aquarium authors; for product or book reviews; for photo galleries of impressive home aquariums; for information about Bob's books; or troubleshooting/advice correspondence on a wide range of topics, there's a lot of information here. And it's all free to you thanks to the generous support of our website sponsors who keep the website's lights turned on.

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Article Spotlight

In the Lagoon of Sharks

By Les Holliday

Les Holliday visits the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The Oceanographic Museum is located on the 'rock' of Monaco, and its southern fa├žade overlooks the Mediterranean. The brainchild of Prince Albert I, a pioneer of oceanography, it was conceived to house the scientific collections he had accumulated. Today it's both an oceanographic museum and a world class public aquarium dedicated to living exhibits from all the seas of the world. The latest addition to this splendid collection is a captive, full-size coral reef housed in a massive tank and called the Lagoon of the Sharks. It more.

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NEW!Book Spotlight:

The 'Living' Marine Aquarium Manual

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Photo Gallery Spotlight

See more in Wayne Shang's "200g Reef Aquarium" gallery.
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Review Spotlight

Book Review of Aquarium Keeping & Rescue, The Essential Saltwater Handbook & Log

By Carl DelFavero

TITLE: Aquarium Keeping & Rescue, The Essential Saltwater Handbook & Log AUTHOR: Carl DelFavero PUBLISHER: T.F.H. Publications/Microcosm Ltd. (2005) ISBN 1-890087-49-1 PAGES: 112 PRICE: $19.95 No matter what your level of expertise, a good, non-technical how-to-do-it 'guide' has a place in your personal aquarium book library. And the author, Carl DelFavero, with over thirty years experience, provides just that with an uncomplicated well written text that is abundantly illustrated with color photographs, diagrams, charts, and drawings. The beauty of this book is not in its color more.

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Q&A Letter Spotlight

Wilson Nacario writes to Bob about: Aquarium Setup Advice, Refugium & Miracle Mud

Dear Bob, I have been following you since your first article in Marine Fish Monthly. I have kept reef tanks since the trays were popular before DLS, protein skimmers, etc. I have gone through the progression of changes that took place in the hobby and lost count how many different wet/dry's, skimmers, and lighting changes I have undergone since 1986. I recently broke down a large SPS tank. I currently have a 10 and 20 gallon nano tanks with soft corals. Life is much more sane now not having to worry about calcium reactors, chillers (air-conditioning works just fine), and many different more.

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